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Bradleys have been leading the way by providing a Computer Aided Design service for over 20 years. We have continued to invest and work with the software developers to ensure we have complete, and up to date catalogues of the latest technical files.

How do we bring this service to you? Simple! We ask you to bring in accurate dimensions of your bathroom. If you are still in a construction phase, bring the architects drawings. If you have your bathroom installer at hand, ask if they can provide some assistance. The more details you can provide, the more accurate the final rendering will be. The minimum we ask for is the length, width and height of your room, along with window and door locations. A typical measure-up only takes 10 minutes. Then leave the rest to us!!

We can sit down with you and draw the room up in about ten minutes. However, to get the most from our service, we'd like to make many suggestions based on your needs and budget. We generally recommend booking an appointment because a typical session with Julie can run into many hours - don't worry, we have plenty of coffee and tea!

And coming soon! We can now bring to you another dimension. Bradleys Bathrooms have incorporated Virtual Reality into their service. We are able to demonstrate what your bathroom looks like as if you are actually stood in the room. Virtual Reality is an incredible, immersive experience that allows you to fully visualise your dream bathroom.

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